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Our flagship product, Proceso is a SaaS platform targeted at organizations that need to automate and track a large number of processes that impact the Customer experience, operational efficiency and compliance. This is typically so where there is a large number of by blue collar workers/frontline that needs to perform their work on time and real time visibility and/or approvals are needed at the back office.

On Proceso, we offer ready to deploy templates for a number of industries. Since it is a NoCode platform, we permit customers to configure their own process templates.  You can configure some very complex workflows on Proceso without needing to build custom apps or write any code.

Proceso has the ability to integrate with third party Line of Business Applications. It is offered as a Teams App on a subscription model and sits on Azure.

Here are some videos that demonstrate some industry specific use cases

Retail – https://youtu.be/_WPhHirCPc0

Hospitality – https://youtu.be/q5I3QILccvM

Field Sales & Service – https://youtu.be/41be54aJp2g

Some of the processes that Proceso offers are listed below –

Process Templates (Few examples listed) Industry
Store Health, Visual Merchandising, Planograms, Inventory Counts Opening/Closing, Audits, Inspections, Returns, Exchanges, Sales Tracking, Floor Walks, Customer Feedback, Surveys, Customer Associate Assessments and more.. Retail and Hospitality – Malls, Multi brand Retail, Convenience Stores, Filling Stations, Hotels
Returnable/Non-Returnable Gate Pass, Goods Acceptance, Inventory Counts, Stock-out Alerts, Statutory Audits like Fire Safety, EHS Audits Retail, Manufacturing, Warehousing
Permit to Work in Hazardous Environments, Environment health & Safety Inspections, Asset Disposal, Safety Incident Reporting, Retailer/Distributor Onboarding, Sales Tracking Manufacturing, Distribution, Dealer/Franchisee, Refineries, Elevator Shafts, Construction, Ports
Customer Outreach, Opening/Closing, Audits, Customer Feedback, Sales tracking Banking, Insurance, Lending & Investment
Site Validation, Installation, Service, inspection, Fire Safety, Supervisor checklists, Customer feedback Field Sales & Service for Telecom, Elevators, Utilities, Facility Management
Inspections, Patient Discharge Process, Opening/Closing checklists, Health and Safety checks Healthcare
Flight Readiness, Aircraft Safety Checks, Aircraft Fuel Checklist, Ground Operations, Inspections, Audits, Crew Assessments, Aircraft Readiness, Certifications Aviation, Logistics, Transportation
Project Management Task assignment and milestone tracking (Coming soon) All industries
Meeting Governance and tracking of action points (Coming soon) All industries


Contact details

5t floor, West Wing, Marisoft IT Park, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014, IndiaPune,411014 +919890001594 sales@proceso.in http://www.proceso.in


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