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Integration Accelerator – Kasadara Technology Solutions

Integration Accelerator - Kasadara Technology Solutions

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Is your business using bookkeeping or CRM or ERP or Payroll management software or all of them in combination from different vendors in the market and finding it difficult to integrate them when needed, then you are not alone. Well-integrated systems can save you time and money. Our Integration Accelerator can deliver the required results in weeks instead of months by keeping the TCO as low as possible.

The software market is teeming with umpteen number of packages that would suit businesses of all sizes. Businesses choose and use software based on their size, market, and financial position, but as the businesses scale up and set foot into other verticals, it’s essential that the software used for various purposes would have to integrate to help with churning out business-critical data. It’s at this moment of necessity that the challenge of making the software work together seamlessly and help with data required for decision-making. Kasadara’s Integration Accelerator platform could be the ideal solution to help.

Our Integration Accelerator platform helps interface or bridge source and target systems to meet the integration needs. Please see the below illustration below to know more about which source and target systems our solution would help integrate.

Our expert analysis and understanding of such demands have led to the ideation and design of a solution that can serve the purpose of integrating the systems from different vendors or purpose-built systems to work in tandem.

How do we do it?

Every problem is unique, and so is the solution. So, our template-driven integration framework uses AL-based solutions for integration between D365 Business Central and other applications. Use Azure Logic Apps-based framework or Power Automate and Dual Write for integrations in the D365 Business Central, D365 Finance & Operations, and D365 CE world of apps.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate the need for additional investment!
  • No compromise, tailor-made integration between systems with existing data.
  • It’s business as usual for the users of the systems as the integration is automatic and seamless.
  • Integration is flexible, hence can provision data as per the business need.
  • On-demand support is available.
Contact details

AGT Business Park, 25, Avinashi Road, Electronics Estate, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu , India.Coimbatore,641014 9944767585 arunkumar@kasadaratech.com https://kasadara.com


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