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IAMCP Ring the Bell Contest

Celebrating Joint Business Partnership Wins!

Recognition, Awards & IAMCP souvenirs for P2P wins

Rewards for P2P


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated “Ring the Bell” contest 2023, designed to recognize and celebrate your extraordinary joint business partnership wins.

In the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie, we invite two or more partners who have successfully joined forces to achieve remarkable business outcomes to participate in this exciting contest. We believe in acknowledging and honoring the power of partnerships within our community, and this contest provides the perfect platform to showcase your achievements.

Here’s how the contest works


Any IAMCP India member who has partnered with other IAMCP member(s) to deliver Microsoft solutions jointly such as services, projects, consulting, trainings, reselling ISV solution in any of the Microsoft Solution areas (except selling Microsoft licenses/subscription without any value addition).


Fill the RING THE BELL form online. Prepare a compelling announcement highlighting the details of your joint business partnership success. This could include significant milestones achieved, innovative solutions developed, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, or any other noteworthy accomplishments resulting from your collaboration.


A panel of esteemed judges from IAMCP and Microsoft will evaluate the submissions based on factors such as innovation, impact, scalability, customer value, and the overall story of partnership success.


Three wins every month will receive an exclusive IAMCP souvenir, recognizing your outstanding achievements and your dedication to fostering successful partnerships.

IAMCP will publish a case study, highlight the Microsoft solution capabilities of the winning partners.


IAMCP will give eminent publicity to ALL the submissions in our social media handles, making your companies visible in the Microsoft Partner community & gain business prominence.

The winning announcements will be shared across IAMCP's official communication channels, highlighting your success and inspiring others within the community.

IAMCP will recognise winners at the IAMCP Annual Conference 2024
Contest Period
The RING THE BELL contest will run from 1st June to 31st august 2023.

We encourage you to participate in this wonderful opportunity to showcase the power of partnership within the IAMCP community. It’s time to celebrate your joint business achievements and be recognized for your dedication, innovation, and collaborative spirit.

Remember, the stronger we are together, the more we can accomplish. So, let’s “Ring the Bell” and celebrate the triumphs of partnership! For further details and to submit your P2P

Best of luck to all participants, and may your partnerships continue to thrive and drive success!

Contest Terms & Conditions

  1. One submission per P2P win is allowed. Either partner can submit on behalf of other partner(s) for the same win.
  2. Multiple partners cannot submit separately for the same P2P win. Any one partner can submit on everyone’s behalf.
  3. All partners involved in a particular P2P will be considered as joint winners.
  4. Submission form must be filled out through form on IAMCP India website.
  5. Monthly announcement for winners will be done every 2nd Tuesday of the month for the entries received during previous calendar month.
  6. Partners can submit unlimited forms in case they are all different wins.
  7. Any P2P success story submitted should be current and not submitted/nominated/won in the past unless the contract is still live and valid with the client.
  8. A success story should reflect Evidence for evaluation to show the value. For example, The Situation (describing the problem statement), Crafted Solution (relating how two partners joined hands and the proposed solution), and Impact/Outcomes (representing the overall value that the client enjoyed. and ideally submit Evidence (which could be a contract copy with financials removed, PO, endorsed testimonial, etc.) 

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