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IAMCP CONNECT is a new feature available on our website at

With IAMCP CONNECT, you can easily list all the relevant details about your company, including your solutions and key areas of expertise. This will enhance your visibility within the Microsoft Partner ecosystem and the IAMCP member community.

IAMCP CONNECT also creates opportunities for peer-to-peer collaborations, paving the way for your company to pursue new business ventures. To start using this tool, please request your login details which will allow you to manage your listing and unlock the full potential of IAMCP CONNECT.
Once you have received your login credentials via our connect email ID, please log in to your account by visiting

It is important to update your company listing immediately so that you can be notified of relevant opportunities within the IAMCP and Microsoft Partner community. After making any changes, please be sure to check your listing on the site to confirm that the updates have been saved.

In the meantime, feel free to use the IAMCP CONNECT tool to search for ISV members, other members, solutions, and expertise as needed for peer-to-peer collaborations. IAMCP CONNECT is a powerful tool that can help you maximize your potential in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem.
IAMCP Connect is a tool exclusively for IAMCP India members. To log in, members should use their pre-specified username and password, which was sent to their registered email ID via Please check your spam or junk mail folder if you cannot find the login details in your inbox.

If you have not received your login credentials, please first check with your colleagues email ID who was associated with IAMCP membership while enrolling. New Registrations are not allowed here for any visitors, this is a member area only, if you are a NEW ISV Member or IAMCP India member and don’t have your login kindly wait to get it by default in a day or so. Alternatively, get in touch with our connect team to request login details.

If you are experiencing issues with logging in, please click on the "forgot password" link and enter your registered email ID to receive a password reset link. Only the registered email ID associated with your IAMCP membership will receive the password reset link.

Please note that changing your username (i.e., registered email ID) is strictly not allowed. If you wish to change your username, please contact our board members as your current account will need to be deleted, and a new account will be created.
To facilitate a seamless item change process, please refer to our Connect Help page, which provides step-by-step instructions accompanied by helpful screenshots.
At the moment there is an option to select only 1 category. Please choose the most relevant category from the four options provided. Note that ISV Club is exclusive to ISV Members only.

We will check with selecting multiple categories feature in the future. We will inform you as soon as this option is available.

*A nice tip: - To maximize the visibility of your company and increase the chances of collaboration opportunities through IAMCP Connect, it is important to list all your solutions and key expertise areas in your company description. This data will also be included as searchable keywords, making it easier for other members to find and connect with you based on your offerings. So take the time to provide a comprehensive and accurate description of your company to get the most out of IAMCP Connect.
After logging in, you will be directed to your User Dashboard(or from top menu bar under My Account). From there, select "User Account" located next to the "Manage Listing" button. On the Account page, check the box to enable password changes. For additional details and visual aids, please refer to the "My Account" section on the Connect Help page.

Please note that changing your registered email address is strictly prohibited. If you need to modify your username, please contact one of our board members, as the current account will need to be deleted and a new one created.
This site is protected by Google reCAPTCHA to keep the website safe from bots.

So sometimes Login Verification emails are sent when Google Recaptcha believes that the login was automated by a robot threshold is set at 0.5 and some ips that are suspicious. It's not your fault, Google servers are detecting it. In verification email just click verify and login link in your email, this link is valid for 15 min only. If you miss this window it will again send you another email to verify. So see that you do this step.

Check junk folder too just incase your pwd reset email or verification email is not showing in inbox.
If you are a member of both IAMCP India and ISV, you will see two listings of your company within the same account: one for ISV and the other for Connect.
Please refrain from modifying the ISV category for that particular listing, if it has already been selected as ISV Club.

We kindly ask that you edit your ISV Club listing thoroughly, as the ISV member form contains additional information that differs from the regular member form.

If you are solely an ISV member, you will only see one listing for your company, or 2 if there are 2 different products/Services.
If you encounter any issues while using the edit listing page, please report them to us at, along with accompanying screenshots. This will help us to identify the problem and provide you with the necessary assistance.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to clear your browser cache, refresh the page, and try again after some time, as this could be a temporary issue.

If there are any problems, they will be displayed in Red on the affected pages. Rest assured that we are aware of these issues and are working to find a solution.
If you have made changes to your listing but are not seeing them reflected on your listing page, please ensure that you have clicked the "Save Changes" button located at the end of the editing form. After making your modifications, please confirm the changes in another browser tab before logging out.

If the changes are still not appearing, it may be necessary to clear your browser cache, refresh the page, and try again after some time.

If you continue to experience problems, please provide us with the error details and accompanying screenshots via email at, so we may assist you further.

Connect Help Page

Kindly go through the connect documentation on how to edit listings.


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